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CeCelebrity & Royalty Questions

1. In which European city did George Clooney recently get married? Venice
2. What did Barbie’s boyfriend Ken lack, that other boys had? Genitals
3. When Kylie Minogue went to Buckingham Palace, what did she receive? OBE
4. In which country did David Beckham marry Victoria Adams? Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin, Ireland
5. What is the first name of Wayne & Colleen Rooney’s eldest child? Kai
6. Which X factor judge faced accusations of drug dealing? Tulisa Contostavlos
7. I like to run marathons but best known for my rambling style of stand up, where I often take notes on my hand, such as 'should be funnier' or 'lost them there.' Eddie Izzard
8. I was born Priscilla White in 1942. The 'Mersey Beat' misprinted my name but my manager Brian Epstein, liked the sound of it. Cilla Black
9. During WWII, allied soldiers named their life jackets after whom, partly due to the resemblance of her curvaceous torso & partly due to the Cockney rhyming slang for 'life vest.' Mae West
10. Which 2 personalities swam the straits of Gibraltar 2008? David Walliams & James Cracknall
11. Woody Allen's divorce made headline news when he was accused of child abuse. Who was his wife? Mia Farrow
12. Who suffered a revealing "wardrobe malfunction" at a Superbowl final? Janet Jackson
13. Who was the first man to appear on the cover of the American Vogue? Richard Gere (1992)
14. Which celebrity couple released a charity album in 2006 called "A Whole New World"? Jordan & Peter Andre
15. Which famous celebrity is ‘A Pretender’ – when the letters of his name are rearranged? Peter Andre
16. Which Rock Star was Gwyneth Paltrow married to? Chris Martin
17. From which of the forces did Britain’s Prince Edward resign in 1987? Royal Marines
18. Who was Prince Charles’ godfather? Lord Mountbatten
19. What family relationship does Queen Elizabeth II have with Prince Phillip other than by marriage, is it Cousin, 2nd Cousin, 3rd Cousin or none of these? 3rd Cousin
20. Queen Elizabeth II has reigned since what year? 1952
21. True or False – David Frost turned down signing for Nottingham Forest? True - £20 per week was not enough money for him.
22. At one of the Leveson enquiry hearings in late 2011, which actor revealed that one of his middle names was Mungo? Hugh Grant
23. Which American political figure finished third in the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984? Sarah Palin
24. In which English county is the Queens private residence, Sandringham House? Norfolk
25. In what year did the Queen talk about her `annus horriblis` in her Christmas speech? 1992
26. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband made the tradition of having a Christmas tree indoors popular. In 1841 he put a tree up in which royal residence? Windsor
27. Who was the first British monarch to broadcast a Christmas message to the nation? George V (1932)

Added from 2014 questions:

28. Which American superstar was arrested in 2014, in Miami for driving under the influence of drink & drugs? Justin Beiber
29. In 2014, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drugs overdose, how old was he? 46

30. In 2014 Shirley Temple, one of the first child stars died, what was her age? 85
31. Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman had a baby in 2014, what have they named it? Eric
32. Which celebrity couple announced in 2014 that they we're ‘consciously uncoupling’? Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow
33. Who has been refused entry to the USA due their drugs confession in a recent trial? Nigella Lawson
34. Who was voted the sexiest woman by FHM magazine for 2014? Jennifer Lawrence
35. Which ‘Royal’ became president of the British Sub-Aqua Club in 2014?
Prince William
36. Which ‘One Direction’ singer has become a joint owner of Doncaster Rovers?
Louis Tomlinson
37. Which Royal tried to influence Tony Blair over Grammar schools? Prince Charles
38. Which air ambulance force did the Duke of Cambridge fly for when he qualified in 2014? East Anglian
39. Actor Richard Kiel died in 2014, what famous Bond villain did he play? Jaws
40. Where was a life size bronze statue of Amy Winehouse unveiled in North London in 2014
? Camden
41. Which university did comedian Dawn French to become chancellor of in 2014? Falmouth
42. Who was named as Billboard’s Woman of the year in 2014, for the second time? Taylor Swift

Added from 2015 questions:

43. Rita Ora selected her final 3 singers on the Voice UK in March 2015, in which country was she born? Kosovo
44. Elton John called for a boycott of which fashion chain in 2015 after they described children born by IVF as “synthetic”? Dolce & Gabbana
45. Which English football team did actor Russell Crowe stated he loved in 2015? Leeds United
46. In 2015 Vin Diesel named his daughter in honour of which late friend & co-star? Paul Walker
47. Who stated in May 2015 that his sacking ‘was my silly fault’? Jeremy Clarkson
48. Sir Ian McKellen was been given his own star in 2015 in which town’s own version of the Hollywood’s walk of fame? Wigan
49. Where was Princess Charlotte baptised in July 2015? Sandringham Estate
50. Which actor famed for his roles in Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago died in July 2015 at the age of 83? Omar Sharif
51. In August 2015 Cilla Black died aged 72, what was her real name? Priscilla White
52. The Duchess of Cambridge obtained her advanced PADI open water certificate in 2015; at what depth can she dive too? 30metres
53. Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British Monarch in September 2015, who was the longest serving king? George III (59 years, 96 days)
54. Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British Monarch in September 2015, in what year was she born? 1926 (April 21)
55. According to the Forbes 2015 list, who was the highest paid British comedian? John Bishop ($8m)
56. According to the Forbes 2015 list, who was the highest paid comedian in the World on that list? Jerry Seinfeld (23.3m) ($36m)
57. Which TV presenter married footballer Frank Lampard in December 2015? Christine Bleakley