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Welcome to Steve Body's
Handyman Services

The Handyman services are available as part of my painting and decorating or as an independant service.

I can provide many varying services, or if a specialised service like gas servicing, electrical testing, etc, then I can recommend a trustworthy tradesman.

So what can I offer to you (photos below of recent projects):


  • Replacing doors, or simply trimming & re-fitting after new carpets laid (a common problem, easily solved).
  • Designing, building and installing shelving units, or just putting up a shelf.
  • Replacing or repairing skirting, flooring, door frames, etc.
  • Putting together pre-packed units from companies such as Argos, Ikea, etc.
  • Boarding out a loft.
  • Buildling radiator covers.
  • Fit or replace fencing.


  • Repair your existing coving.
  • Remove & fit new coving.


  • Replace an exsiting fitting like a lounge light, or light switch.
  • Change broken plugs.
  • Check non working items, such as blown fuses, etc.


  • Remove old tiles, whether on a wall or on a floor.
  • Help to design your new look wall or floor.
  • Prepare the surface to be tiled and then tile & grout with the appropriate adhesives.


  • Investigate leaks & repair.
  • Repair or replace taps.
  • Adjust your plumbing for changes to taps, or machines, etc.
  • Fit washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

The Odd Jobs!

  • Hang your pictures.
  • Replace broken door locks, handles or hinges.
  • Fit curtain rails or poles.
  • Replace broken or damaged carpet door strips.
  • Assembling furniture, such as Flat pack.
  • And much more, just ask?

Photos of recent handyman projects

(Double click photo to enlarge)

Dismantle & move units to create space for dishwasher. Shows dishwasher in place, wine rack cut down to size to fit in smaller gap. Removed unit placed in corner (I was unable to get the original worktop). Adjustment of kitchen units to fit a dishwasher.
Damaged step removed New shaped step fitted from exterior plywood. Step has also been treated with wood preserve before fitting. Completed step with anti-slip mat fitted Remove damaged caravan step & replace & fitted with anti slip mat.
These blackboards have been made with exterior plywood, treated and 2 coats of exterior blackboard paint applied. This shows the boards in position on the fence with other equipment. The cut out notes have been placed on other parts of the fence Bespoke blackboards with musical note cut outs, for a school plaground.
Hydro air conditiong unit to be protected and grassed area to be used by school pupils. Switched which need to be accessed. Air condition unit needs to have air flow, hence a galvanised netting has been used on the roof. This shows the completed unit with galvanised netting being used where the air flow from the fans will be blown out. Combination lock bolts have been used on the gate and the front has been screwed on, but easily removed. Schools hydro pool air conditioning unit needs to be protected but air flow assured.